Womanhood studio provides women a special location to meet, to support each other both on a personal and business level. Where we can find support and lasting partnerships. Somewhere to feel safe and confident to do that what you do best. A place to think and grow together, coloring your world as you go.

Womanhood Studio is also home to Bevallen Zonder Zorgen.

Bevallen Zonder Zorgen specializes in supporting women that are pregnant or have just given birth. Innovative products that have been made for use during pregnancy and child birth are available for purchase at the studio. All events and workshops that are organized through Bevallen Zonder Zorgen can be found in our event calendar.

Meet of the women that make up our community

Tami 2016

Tami Kalir

Tami is the founder and owner of Womanhood Studio. Tami is a certified physical therapist and doula. She offers her services through her company Doula-Li. Tami is a firm believer in female strength. She wants every woman to experience giving birth in the most positive (empowering) way, Not only providing the baby with  the best possible start, but also caring for and supporting the mother throughout. By helping the mom-to-be and her partner to have an active part in both the months leading up to the birth as well as during the delivery itself, she strives to reach that goal.

Tami also gives both private and groups’ courses centering around pregnancy. Her classes are in Dutch, English or Hebrew.

Anne  Olsthoorn

Anne is a yoga teacher, specialized in Hatha and Aerial Yoga. After getting her degree in Psychology she tried a desk job for two years. After that she said goodbye to 9-to-5 life and started her adventure as a yoga teacher. She lives in The Hague and works in Delft, Leiden and The Hague. Besides teaching she also does back office work at Womanhood Studio (so she still gets to nerd out).

During her yoga classes you are invited to bring out what you are searching for: balance, strength, stamina, relaxation, and perhaps enhanced spirituality. It is your practice; so you decide. The focus of each class is to move with respect towards your own body. Breath is Boss.


Biddy Messchaert

“The first time I taught a yoga class was during my Yoga Teacher Training. I knew it right away: this is what I want, this is what I am meant to do. My goal is to have everyone step off the mat feeling good. Not just about the class they just took, but about themselves. I am an RYT200 trained teacher in Flow Yoga with Critical Alignment elements. In flow (Vinyasa) Yoga one pose fluently flows in to the next. Everything is connected! We connect the breath to the movement, the movement to our thoughts. I teach at different locations in Delft and The Hague / Scheveningen.

The classes I teach at Womanhood Studio are Slow flow classes. We move consciously and take time to feel what you and your body need at that moment. I also teach a Yoga for Beginners Workshop once a month. Besides group classes you can also book private classes with me, allowing us time to focus on any specific questions you may have. Apart from teaching yoga I work behind the scenes and I open the doors of the Studio every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon so you can come in, take a look and learn more about us” Feel free to drop by!

Biddy teaches in Dutch and English.

Maggie Bijl

“My teaching style is rooted in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga. My classes are infused with non-linear movements and a ‘flow’ with strong emphasis on core connection, self-inquiry and intention. Moving mindfully from one pose to another with breath and body awareness; you’ll go on a journey of movement & meditation. My goal as an instructor is to inspire you both on and off the mat. Yoga is a mental and physical journey and can be challenging one. Patience and compassion are required. My classes connect the mind, the body and the spirit. The classes I teach are suitable for all levels of practitioners, from beginner to advanced.”
Maggie began her journey as a yoga student in 2000 while living in Maui, Hawaii. As her practice continued throughout the 15 years living on island, she became a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga teacher at Blooma (www.blooma.com). As well as Birth Doula (DONA International training & JJ Doula, Netherlands) and has completed a Core Strength Vinyasa certification (USA) as well as her 200-hour level yoga teacher certification at Yoga Moves (Netherlands).
Maggie’s teaching style is unique and creative. She uses her background in theatre and dance to enrich the experience as well as infuses each class with love, light and laughter.

Maggie is a certified, trained and experienced in: Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Birth Doula.


Yasmae Omar

Namaste! I’m a physical therapist and I teach Partner Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. I live in Delft, am married to my Egyptian other half and together we have a baby boy. I became a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) since 2013 in Shanghai but after that I really wanted to study in India as well. So I did! In 2015 in Kerala. Together with my husband I teach Partner Yoga since 2017. This is something we love to do and it’s really our time to connect together because we are so different!

During my classes we focus on our breath, as your breath could move you easily trough the class as well as your life. I would say I incorporate mindfulness a lot in my classes as well as the physical aspects and benefits of a pose because of my interest in yoga as a physiotherapist. I also love to support you if you are open for that. I just can’t stay long on my own mat!

Hope to see you soon!

Eva Kulovits

Eva is a yoga teacher, bringing classes for grown-ups and kids alike to the Womanhood family. You will find her at Yin Yoga classes, Yoga+Play and Wobbelyoga.

„I am an Austrian happily living in Scheveningen close to the beach with my lovely and ever lively family. I believe that yoga can support you in every aspect of your daily life and yes, indeed, make your body, mind and soul HAPPY! Because it asks us to stop, listen and feed ourselves with what we need most in the Now.

In my classes I want to encourage kids and adults alike and empower them to become healthy and happy with their own body and spirit. And there‘s something in for everyone: From beginners to advanced practitioners, from toddlers to seniors.

I invite you to dip your feet into the water, to listen to the waves, your own breath, and who knows, jump in with a huge smile and take a dive together.“

Eva is trained in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga aswell as Kids Yoga. In her classes she also shares her passion and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

foto Maya

Maya Kalir

Maya is a social pedagogue; after finishing her studies she has both started and guided many self-help groups. She has worked as a coach and activity coordinator in different care providing settings. Maya is passionate about sport and moving the and hosts Yogalates as well as special Body & Mind classes, both for groups or individual sessions.

Carolien Hoogendoorn

Carolien is a theater teacher and text writer. She hosts workshops at our studio focusing on theater. Some of her workshops are: Laat maar lekker waaien (let it all hange out), Zakelijk Flirten (business  and Go & Play. She is a content writer for Bevallen Zonder Zorgen and Womanhood Studio. She is also a certified Rots en Water teacher for both children and adults. This program from the Gadaku Institute has covered themes such as how to handle bullying, communication and resilience, sexuality, making choices and The Inner Compass.


Tal SpanjerTal is a trained business economist. After her son was born she became more and more at home in the world of baby-wearing. She successfully finished the training to become a baby-wearing consultant years ago and has a lot of experience advising parents on how to wear their babies.