We werken aan onze website! Binnenkort komt er een volledig Nederlandse en een Engelstalige versie,
tot die tijd is er nog een mix van beide talen te zien. Dank voor jullie geduld!

Have you recently given birth? Are you looking for a way to regain energy and feel more comfortable in your body after such a life-changing experience? No matter what kind of pregnancy and birth you had, one thing is for sure – our bodies go through huge changes during this time. Factor in sleepless nights, carrying a newborn all day, and it can easily feel like a physically and emotionally overwhelming time. 

Well, we have the perfect *class and support for you! 

Postnatal Healing Yoga – with your baby! 

Postnatal healing yoga classes provide a safe & supportive environment for new mamas and babies to gather together and re-connect. This yoga class will help woman regain strength and energy that may have been lost during pregnancy and/or birth.
Classes specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, low back and pelvic floor muscles; releasing tension in the neck and shoulders and opening of the heart to to this transition in to Motherhood!

This is a wonderful time to bond with your new baby and other new mamas on this incredible journey.

This is a very informal class and no previous experience or level of fitness is required. Your questions concerning any post-natal subjects are also most welcome! 

Open to any new mom 3-4 weeks after birth. 
Classes are 60 minutes and cost 15 euro (which includes mother and baby).
10 class card costs 140 euro and cards are valid for 4 months. 

*Classes taught in English

Maggie Bijl is certified, trained and experienced in Prenatal & Potnatal Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and works as a Birth Doula.

Registrate for a class here. Rather have a private class or a private workshop? That is possible! Contact us via 0624429995 or info@womanhoodstudio.nl .