We werken aan onze website! Binnenkort komt er een volledig Nederlandse en een Engelstalige versie,
tot die tijd is er nog een mix van beide talen te zien. Dank voor jullie geduld!

A class inspired by Yoga and Pilates that includes poses and exercises from both disciplines.
Flexibility, strength, core stability and focus on our breath are used to assure a healthy posture, toned muscles and a clear mind.

De-stress, meditate, tone and strengthen in one workout. Why not try it?!
Wake up the spine, embrace your core and target specific muscle groups.

Our Yogalates class is good for beginners with challenging moves for the more experienced, work at your own pace.

Price:  1 class € 14,00
10 classes card: € 130,00 (4 month valid)

Registrate for a class here. Rather have a private class or a private workshop with friends? That is possible! Contact us via 0624429995 or info@womanhoodstudio.nl .