Aerial Yoga, also called Antigravity Yoga, is a special kind of yoga. It is so much fun, you won’t even know that you are trainging your body! Not only will this class offer a good workout, it will also offer you a safe place in your own little cocoon, to relax.

To move in an aerial fabric is a whole new experience. We use the fabric as a partner: it will support you in different poses, allows compression to come out of the spine and gives you more freedom to move.

The change between excercise and relaxation is interesting in aerial yoga. Where inversions like handstand might only be possible for experienced yogi’s, the fabric will open doors for brand new yogi’s as well, allowing poses that would not be possible without the fabric. There are so many possibilities!

The class is suitable for beginning yogi’s as well as for experienced yogi’s. If this is your very first time practicing Aerial Yoga we do recommend that you first join our Aerial Yoga Basics workshop! Check our events to see when the next workshop will be held!

Price:  1 class € 17,50
10 classes card: € 150,00

You can join us for Aerial Yoga classes on Monday and Thursday evenings or Friday and Sunday mornings!

Register for a class here! Rather have a private class or private workshop with friends? That is possible too! For more information please contact us at: or use the form below.

Pro tip: do not eat a meal 2 hours prior to class.

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