In the Hatha yoga practice the focus is on loosening and strengthening the body. It is a static practice, rather than a flowing one, and there is always time for relaxation between different postures.

Regulating the breath plays an important role in the practice in order to stabilize it. The Hatha Yoga practice will calm you down and quiet your mind. After the practice you will feel peaceful, open and strong.

Start Thursday mornings with yoga routine, to boost your morning life energy, and let it flow through every cell in your body. You’ll start your day feeling energized and refreshed!

Melanie looks forward to meeting you every Thurday at 8am!

Price:  1 class € 14,00
10 classes card: € 130,00

Register for a class here. Rather have a private class or a private workshop with friends? That is possible! Contact us via 0624429995 or .

Pro tip: do not eat a meal 2 hours prior to class.