For kids 8 – 12 years old!

In Kids Aerial Yoga fantasy becomes a reality by using our Aerial hammocks. The hammocks help us feel weightless, they let us fly and give your kids a chance to use all their creative energy.

There are many benefits to Aerial Yoga. We work on motor skills and balance, develop body awareness. Through play we work on building strength while we also work on our social skills.

Each class starts with a little bit of mindfulness and we end with a yummy relaxation the hammocks.

There will always be attention to the mental well-being of each child as well. Lastly, not to be forgotten: Aerial Yoga is FUN!

Make sure that the kids wear zipper and button free clothing to help keep our hammocks safe. Refrain from eating and drinking 1 hour from the start of class!

Renske looks forward to welcoming you every Tuesday from 4.45 tot 5.50 pm!