What could be nicer than massaging the tiny hands and feet of your newborn, to have your baby close. Your baby has been in their mothers belly for 9 months and is very comfortable having contact, being close, warm and safe. By touching the skin of your little one, you can provide that feeling of closeness and safety, and satisfy their need for skin-to-skin contact, which is not only important now, but also in their future.

Massage can help a baby be aware of their body. It is crucial for babies to know and feel that they are loved and safe. Baby massage calms or stimulates, helps with cramps and constipation and can help them sleep. Did you know that skin contact in the form of baby massage can also have a positive influence on the immune system of your baby?

By touching your baby in a mindful way, you can strengthen the bond between you. Baby massage is communication, helping the baby feel safe and close. This can help you little one to grow up into a self-aware and confident person.

Workshop Shantala Baby Massage

A workshop of 2,5 hours in which we show you many techniques that you can use at home.

  • When: from 2-3 weeks up to 8-9 months after birth (when the baby starts crawling)
  • Dates: see our schedule on the website or events on FB
  • Who: You, your baby (your partner is also invited!)
  • Price: €75 per workshop (baby and 1 or 2 parents) incl. massage oil, tea en a snack
  • Register and pay via our online booking system to reserve your spot
    At options, choose: babymassage.

We are open to new ideas! Do you want to organize a baby massage event with your pregnancy club? Feel free to contact us so that we can talk it over!

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