Are you experiencing every pregnancy symptom in the book and need some relief?

Do you want to provide the best environment possible for the little being growing within you by optimizing blood, oxygen, hormonal and nutrient flow?

Do you want to improve the alignment in your torso and pelvis to help you optimize your baby’s position within for the easiest birth possible for you both?

Do you want to relax even further knowing that your pregnancy massage is being performed by extremely experienced, well trained health professionals, who know how to keep you and your baby safe during this precious time?

These are just a few of the reasons to come and receive the bountiful benefits of prenatal massage during this most important time in your life. Every mother wants to do the best for her child who is about to join her in the journey of life. Allowing yourself and your unborn child to experience this wealth of goodness, will help give your baby a wonderful start.

Also, during your session, be sure to ask your therapist about other things you can do, that will help make life easier for you during your pregnancy and for your little one because your therapists at the Womanhood studio also provide the additional benefit of being knowledgeable childbirth professionals!


  • Complete massage (1 hour) € 59
  • Extra long massage (1,5 hours) € 80
  • 5 times massage card 1 hour € 270 (instead of € 295!)
  • 5 times massage card 1,5 hours € 370 (instead of € 400!)

Our 5 times massage card is valid for 9 months from purchase.

Do you want to surprise someone with a massage? We have gift cards available at the studio!

Let us know if you want to book a massage or if you have any questions! Contact us at 06-24429995, send an email to or use the form below.

Please kindly take note of our cancellation policy: All cancellations (by phone please!) made a minimum of 24 hours before a confirmed appointment, will have no charge. Less than 24 hours notice and “no shows” will incur a charge of 50% the original fee. We thank you for your understanding.


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