Datum: 06/07/2019
Tijd: 11:00 - 13:00

We are proud to host an amazing partner workshop in the hammocks, guided by Dafna!
Attending means you bring a friend, your mom or dad, your husband or wife, any one who feels like trying new things.
In the workshop we will learn to fly, challenge each other and feel supported while working in a team of 2. Collaborating and listening is key to the success of this workshop.
We will combine aerial acrobatics with acro balance, stretching and strengthening to make sure you work hard and earn an extra spoiling Savasana at the end.
We will begin with a gentle warm up, increase intensity, and let you feel a sweet adrenaline rush…
Our 2 hours workshop will end with a massage session in the hammocks.
Excitement and adrenaline will be there for sure. Suitable for all levels, previous experience is not necessary.
– Max. 4 couples
– You book your spot automatically with a partner you bring with you
– Price of 50 euro includes refreshment afterwards and 2 entry tickets for the workshop.
– Wear comfortable stretchy clothing. To keep our hammocks safe and clean we ask you to not wear clothing with       buttons or zippers and a T-shirt that covers your armpits.