Datum: 21/09/2018
Tijd: 20:00 - 21:30

In our Flow & Restore workshop we combine two of our favorite things! We start our workshop with a Yoga Flow, moving to the rhythm of your breath. Connecting to your body, taking time to move consciously. After this first half of our time together, we will dive deeper into relaxation. Biddy will give you a short introduction about Restorative Yoga. Then we will give our bodies all it needs to relax. By using props like bolsters and blankets in a certain way, your body will relax simply because of the position it is in. By allowing yourself to stay in these positions for several minutes, the body finds a deeper relaxation and can rest. While we sleep every night, we rarely take time to rest. By rest we mean not producing, not consuming, but just being and allowing your body to recharge. Most people feel calm yet energized after a Restorative Yoga session.

It takes some getting used to as we often feel like we don’t have time to “just be” and not do anything. But if you give yourself a chance to try it, you might notice you will have more energy for when you need to start “doing” again.

Due to the amount of props needed for Restorative Yoga we have only 5 spots available for our Restorative Sessions, so book your spot HERE!

This class is for both men and women, no prior experience needed.

Class in Dutch / English
Teacher: Biddy
Cost: € 22,50