Datum: 30/03/2019
Tijd: 15:00 - 17:30

With the three ‘Flowers of Womanhood’ workshops we offer mums and daughters – between 9 and 12 years of age – a unique opportunity. You will have fun and share special moments together, talking about puberty, women’s body, menstruation and pregnancy.


It was a special day for me and my daughter because we had our time together” (A mum)

Each workshop aims at creating a safe and supportive environment to help girls to embrace positively and confidently the physical and emotional developments they will face during adolescence. The workshops will stimulate different senses, using music, art, relaxation, storytelling, dance and discussion, to help participants to get in touch with their deep emotions and thoughts about being or becoming women. Offering quality time together, it helps to establish an intimate and open dialogue between mothers and daughters, it provides basic information on puberty, menstruation and pregnancy, it helps to clarify doubts and fears.

You can sign up for one or the three workshops below! We suggest to start with “Petals”, if you want to get a taste of the whole series…

  1. Petals: we want to share a story with you that belongs to every girl, every woman and to help you discover your deep emotions and thoughts about your femininity. We will talk, discuss, draw and dance to better know what to expect during puberty and menstrual cycles, to support each other through these changes and fully enjoy our womanhood. (09/03/2019)
  2. Blossoms: through creative activities, games and discussions, we will look at our bodies with new eyes and an open heart, preparing for changes through life and society’s culture critics, learning to respect and love ourselves and confidently grow up. (30/03/2019)
  3. Fruit: we will explore conception, pregnancy and birth, addressing the natural curiosity of girls about these topics. We will play together, be creative and discover our inner strength. We will facilitate discussions about sexuality and reproduction, preparing girls to take responsible choices in their future. (13/04/2019)

The workshops are in English, but you will interact with your daughter in your mother tongue.
Written tools are also translated in Dutch.

Price: 28 euros per couple per workshop (75 euros if you book the whole series).
Reserve your spots via our momoyoga registration!

The workshop series was developed and will be facilitated by two experienced professionals:
Valeria Pecchioni, public health expert and Judit Rapai, coach and counsellor.