Datum: 01/12/2017
Tijd: 19:30 - 21:00

Prepare for a Mindful Midwinter. Cleanse your body, mind and soul.

Winter is coming! Together with the colder temperatures and dark evenings come busy preparations! The exciting celebrations such as Christmas, Chanukah, Santa Lucia and New Year’s Eve are an opportunity to share wonderful times with family and friends. We all tend to get caught up with present shopping, long to-do lists and so many preparations that sometimes we don’t take time to simply…..enjoy.

But wintertime celebrations are so meaningful and full of love! Set around the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, midwinter celebrations bring in light, warmth and togetherness. And you can really start enjoying those moments more in a more mindful and healthier way.

Join this workshop (in English) and take some time for yourself to discover ways of fasting in today’s world. Detox your body, renew your mind, make a happier space for enjoying the upcoming winter celebrations.

Sign-up by November 27th. Spaces are limited. All are welcome. oriana@threecircles.nl

Cost : 20 euro (Incl.btw, beverages and a goodie bag)