Datum: 15/12/2018
Tijd: 09:30 - 11:30

New workshop by demand!

Come join us for this 2-hour workshop to learn how fascia can restrict our movement and how to work with the body to create strength, flexibility, freedom and space.

“Myo-” refers to muscle and “fascial” references fascia, or the mesh of connective tissue that envelopes muscles and bones, among other functions. During fascial release, pressure is applied to the connective tissue in numerous forms including block work, ball work, and rolling.

During this session we will explore different ways to enable the body to release tension, stress and pain. Incorporating Pilates exercises and gentle, sustained pressure and stretch throughout restricted areas, to allow the tissue to soften and lengthen naturally.

In this workshop Tami will introduce you to ‘Myofascial trigger point therapy’. We will also be exposed to the practice of self-massage, one of the keystones of self-care.

You will experience and learn:

* How, where and when to do self-massage
* Specific techniques for applying trigger point-massage caring for
the feet, hip, shoulder and thigh muscles.
* Lower back pain relief by releasing trigger points in Gluteus Medius.

And most importantly, learn how to make this practice a part of your daily and/or weekly self-care routine to the benefit of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Registrations: please use this link.