Datum: 06/10/2019
Tijd: 11:00 - 13:30

We kindly invite you to the Partner Yoga workshop, full of yoga, breathes, stretches, fun and relaxation!

Partner Yoga embraces some basic asanas in pairs, where you will help each other to sink deeper into the postures along with building balance and trust – as it is two of you!

Beside this you will learn how to understand your and somebody else’s body, through the breath and movement as one.

To find deep relaxation at the end, we will learn short sequence of Thai yoga massage, where we will discover even more how to work from our center and dive deeply into the beauty of conscious touch.

If you find this workshop interesting, look around and see who you wishes to invite to spend those amazing 2 1/2 hours with. It might be your friend, your parent or your own partner.
Previous experience is NOT needed.

You get your ticket via our momoyoga registration system. One ticket = 2 participants.
Price: 35 euro per couple.

If you have a royalty card for Aerial classes, you can also use 2 classes for this workshop.