Datum: 21/10/2016
Tijd: 13:15 - 14:45

With every pregnancy and birth process new challenges come along. Every experience is a new one and there is constant, ongoing change. Many women experience some form of postpartum mood disorder. Postpartum depressions, anxieties or other mood related issues like post traumatic stress are very common. Approximately 13% of Dutch mothers experience significant depression following childbirth.

Group therapy can to be effective in overcoming these postpartum challenges. In this Postpartum therapy group a space is created to share experiences with other new moms who are facing similar challenges.

As the bond between you and your baby is an important part of the therapy, moms and babies come to this Movement Therapy Group together!

We offer:

  • Post-partum moms support in the process of personal growth and a new approach for the challenges you’re facing
  • Small group of max. 6 moms and babies
  • An experienced and registered Dance therapist (who is also a mom)
  • Wonderful location at the city centre of Delft, easy to reach by trein of car
  • Dutch and English speaking


  • First Session: September 16th, 2016. Last Session: October 28th, 2016
  • This therapy group is a course of treatment consisting of (initially) 8 sessions, one session every week on Friday.
  • Price for this course of treatment: €415,- (Contact us to ask your health insurance about coverage.)
  • Walk-in: 13h
  • Session starts: 13.15h
  • Session ends: 14.45h
  • Baby’s age: from about 3 weeks until ‘fast crawling age’ (approximately 8-11months, depending on your baby). Obviously there’s space and time to feed your baby and change diapers.

Please register at: move@mahamotion.com of give Kitty a call, Tel.  06 1349 1799.