Datum: 16/05/2021
Tijd: 16:30 - 17:30

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Based in Den Haag, Ola Renska is a cellist with a diverse freelance classical music performing career as well as experience in improvised meditation/healing concerts.
She improvises her own melodies that incorporate fragments of Bach solo suits and other beautiful cello repertoire.
Cello is one of the string instruments that resembles a human voice and has a beautiful diverse capacity of sounds and notes that can take you in a journey to relaxation, calmness and self-healing.

A Savasana Concert is a lay-down concert which allows you to explore music in a new dimension. Enjoy the beautiful sounds from your hammock or yoga mat, while being in nature. You can sit, swing or lay down.
Some say that the real magic of yoga happens in Savasana. Experience this solo cello performance, that will deepen your relaxation even further, slowing down the heart rate and calming the breath.

In this Savasana Concert Ola will play a selection of movements from the Bach solo cello suites as well as improvised musical story created in a moment of stillness and meditation. In this musical context, she invites listeners to obtain some moments of calm, reflection, and peacefulness while they are guided at the beginning and end of the session by Tami Kalir through some yoga poses and guided meditation.

The distance between the hammocks and the general set up complies with Covid requirements.
Price: 30 euro, included a snacks and drinks at the end.