Datum: 14/12/2018
Tijd: 20:30 - 21:30

Experience deep relaxation during a special savasana concert where you can lay down and comfortably listen to live music. Calm the mind, relax your body and let them melt into melody.

The first 10 guests that request a hammock (our Aerial yoga slings) by sending an email to info@womanhoodstudio.nl will be able to enjoy the concert floating.

Dana Devi is a singer, musician and a yoga teacher. It is her passion to touch the hearts of people through music and silence. She grew up in a yoga ashram and was drawn to Indian music, languages and mantra’s from an young age. She guides people into deep relaxation with gentle guitar play and healing voice.
You can listen to her music here.

Price: 17,50 pp.
For booking please use our momoyoga registration system.