Datum: 18/03/2018
Tijd: 11:30 - 13:00

Our slow flow to live music is back!

The group who was with us last time all agreed, it was a wonderful combination, the music helped everyone relax and the beauty of it moved us all. Close to the first day of spring, we ask you to join us again at our beautiful studio and slow down. Take a a few hours out of your day to slow down and experience the wonderful feeling you get when you flow to music being played live for you. It’s like your private concert while you connect your mind to your body and your breath.

The live music in this workshop will be brought to you by Chester L. Brandes from Yoguitar. Specialized in accompanying and complementing yoga classes, Yoguitar will make this a truly unique experience. He will guide us on guitar and hang. Many studies have shown that music helps people relax and focus. But did you know that studies also show that music can help people heal and even soften physical pain?

The yoga flow is made for all levels, for women and men. Whether this is your first time trying yoga or if you have been practicing for years, together we will move on the rhythm of both our breath and the music. We will flow through carefully chosen yoga poses (asanas) to help your body find positive energy and relaxation. We end this flow with an extended savasana. Let the music help you enjoy that rare moment where you have to do absolutely nothing except BE.

After our flow we will enjoy warm tea with something tasty and I promise you will leave the studio with a smile.

This class will be taught in English, but if needed things can always be translated to Dutch.

Please join us for this unique experience and give yourself a few hours of yummy-ness! Buy your ticket soon as we only have limited space available!

Door opens at 11:15 am.
Yoga class led by: Biddy Messchaert from YogaVayu
Music by: Chester L. Brandes from Yoguitar

Cost: € 29,-
Limited spaces available, so book your ticket HERE now!