Datum: 20/09/2020
Tijd: 10:30 - 12:00

In this workshop parents connect with their child using massage, yoga & our unique Wobbel Board.

With the Wobbel board you and baby experience balance through playful movements.
A combination of intense connection, movement, concentration & relaxation are the core focus areas of this workshop.

With the awareness of breathe we stimulate both parent and child’s creativity and affection for each other.

Why we are excited to bring this experience to you and your child….??

1. Massage stimulates the child’s awareness of their body, helps regulate sleep cycles, calms the nervous system & stimulates the circulatory system.

2. Through child massage, parents can communicate without words with their child using body-language which is a profound and effective communication tool at this age.

3. Affection & physical contact between parent & child means spending quality time together; an act of love.

4. Baby’s immune system is strengthened

Duration: 1,5 hours
Location: In studio, Schoolstraat 28, Delft
Ages: 1-2 years
Provided: 1x Standard Wobbel board
Instructions & graceful guidance to connect with your child
Price: 30 euro for a parent and 1 child
Reservations: Please use this link to book your spot.

Required: 2 x Thick towels / blanket
Willingness to experience a beautiful connection with your


• We use guidelines according to COVID regulations.
prior to the workshop.
• Specific allergies / conditions sensitivities can be communicated prior
so we can acknowledge this during the workshop.