Datum: 11/03/2017
Tijd: 10:00 - 12:00

Join us for this empowering and unique workshop approach!

We all experience challenges in life. Some of those challenges are heavier to deal with than others. At times we encounter those as real struggle. Continuous struggle increases our stress levels which has short and long term implications on our health, wellbeing and daily functioning.

Stress causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression of the immune system, tension, depression and anxiety, work related problems, sleep disorders and deprivation and the list goes on and on…

Finding tools to deal with our life-struggles not only will help us reduce stress, but will also support our general physical and mental health. This workshop will help you just in that!

Our 2 hour session is aiming to support you while dealing with any struggle in life in order to achieve better well being. We will provide you with knowledge, information and practical comprehensive exercises to think positive and feel good.

This workshop is run by Tami Kalir- a former physiotherapist, doula and health entrepreneur in present and Noa Brume – a life-coach specialising in Positive Mental Attitude.
Both passionate and experienced professionals, Tami and Noa were proven successful in empowering people to deal with their life-challenges by supporting their clients finding their own body and mind wisdom and strengths.

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Price: 35 euro pp
Max. nr of participants: 12