We werken aan onze website! Binnenkort komt er een volledig Nederlandse en een Engelstalige versie,
tot die tijd is er nog een mix van beide talen te zien. Dank voor jullie geduld!

For the ever so active kleuters, the Womanhood studio has created PilactiveKids. Structured play based on the Pilates principles that will keep these fireballs engaged and challenged, hence busy working it out, whilst happily distracted.

With the use of the WOBBEL board and other instruments, we will explore postures, strengthen muscles and learn to breathe purposefully.

Do not be surprised if after a couple of lessons your children ask you to roll like a ball or talk about their powehourse, as this is part of what they will learn.

Next to trotting around and relaxing, the kids will learn how to check-in with their deepest emotions. At this young age, the learning of Pilates techniques will help children effortlessly integrate fundamental practices in their daily routine that will have a positive impact all the way to adulthood.


  • increases flexibility. Which will have a positive impact on the performance of other sports and will help them stay away from some muscle related injuries;
  • improves concentration. Each Pilates posture puts the focus on one part of the body. Away from the Pilates practice, it will help children put the focus on one thing at a time in their daily lives;
  • helps strengthen the muscles. The controlled movements in Pilates improve blood circulation and strengthen the body’s core muscles. A strong core or trunk helps children conserve their energy and be more attentive to the school work;
  • corrects the posture. The regular practice of Pilates will make players aware of their body position, leading to a better posture and spinal alignment. A proper body position at this age will help grownups to prevent major back problems;
  • promotes self-awareness. Helps little people know themselves from the inside out, gearing them up to recognise, embrace and self-regulate their emotions.

As the main takeaway, participants will benefit from a calm and balanced mind in a healthy and capable body.

We are only given one body per person in a lifetime, so we are better off sorting out how it works the sooner the better! Sign them up!



1 session €14

10 sessions €130

Duration: 60 minutes per class.

NB: after the class refreshments will be offered. Allow some time to socialize afterwards.

Age group of the children: 4 – 8 years old

Class capacity: 8 children per group

Instructor and program designer: Tami Kalir

Norms of use: kids are asked to practice Pilactive barefooted, in comfortable outfits made of cotton with no zippers or buttons.

Caregivers of the participants can choose to stay in the studio whilst the kids take the class or leave.

Registrate for a class here. Rather have a private class or a private workshop? That is possible! Contact us via 0624429995 or info@womanhoodstudio.nl .

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