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We werken aan onze website! Binnenkort komt er een volledig Nederlandse en een Engelstalige versie, tot die tijd is er nog een mix van beide talen te zien. Dank voor jullie geduld!

As if life was going in fast forward mode when you are parenting babies and toddlers, at the Womanhood Studio we have developed a new concept that will help stop time. Well, not stop it as such, we will hold it whilst keeping the munchkins in motion.

How are we doing it? By swinging them!

In short, we are inviting you to come to the studio, and rock your child on a ‘La Clinica Design’ swing. During four sessions of 60 minutes each, we will leave the spinning world behind and will concentrate on swinging our child and only.

Sure you spend countless hours at the playground pushing your bundle of joy back and forth. But are you really there? Most likely your problems tag along the swinging motion, and so does your phone, this object you compulsory check whilst on pushing duty in an attempt of doing something more meaningful? (Whatever that means).

Well… the good news is that there is nothing as meaningful for the good development of your child than to be swung. Here is a short list of paramount benefits that swinging has for tiny human beings. Join in the course to learn them all.


  • has a powerful impact on the brain’s ability to process and use sensory information;
  • strengthens your child’s core and helps with the development of balance;
  • stimulates the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that helps you focus;
  • offers help with sensory integration;
  • is soothing;
  • encourages social interaction and development;
  • helps develop perceptual skills;
  • increases spatial awareness and abstract thinking;
  • helps develop gross motor skills – pumping legs, running, jumping, etc.;
  • helps develop fine motor skills – grip strength, hand, arm, and finger coordination;

As a bonus for the grown ups:

  • swinging your kid in a mindfulness way will help you reconnect with your inner self and with your child, strengthening your bonds;
  • you will break a bit of a sweat;
  • this course will make you aware of given benefits and guide you on how to maximize the impact on a daily base.

Next step: sign up and find 4 gaps of 60 minutes on your diary to come by the studio. If anybody asks why you are not available, proudly tell them the truth, that you are swinging your child to a well grounded and prosperous future in the most stylish swing, a la clinica gem.

1 session €14 per couple (parent and child)

10 sessions €130 per couple.

Duration: 60 minutes per session.
NB: after the class refreshments and healthy snacks will be offered. Allow sometime to socialize afterwards.

Age group of the children: 7 months up to 3 years. It is important that at sign up your child can already sit by himself.

Instructor and program designer: Tami Kalir

Norms of use: we kindly ask adult participants to do the activity barefooted, dress up their children in comfortable outfits, avoiding zippers and buttons, and to wash the hands of their babies and toddlers before boarding on the swing, to help ensure a long lasting life of the equipment.

Registrate for a class here. Rather have a private class or a private workshop? That is possible! Contact us via 0624429995 or info@womanhoodstudio.nl .

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