Pilates is a well developed method of stretching and strengthening exercises, with the vision of improving life style by touching physical, mental and spiritual aspects all together.

Through Pilates exercises you will learn to move your body with more joy and power, to deeply respect yourself and your physical abilities. At the same time you will focus on muscle strengthening and stretching activities with energy and endurance. The goal is to create more freedom in the joints and more power in the muscular structure to maintain or rebuild a healthy and active body.

Following our STOTT Pilates classes you will rediscover a greater freedom in your way of moving, a new vitality in performing daily activities and a greater sense of wellness in general.

Price:  1 class € 14,00
10 classes card: € 130,00

Register for a class here! Rather have a private class or private workshop with friends? That is possible too! For more information please contact us at: info@womanhoodstudio.nl or use the form below.

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